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skype manager not recognising our email addresses

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I am trying to setup a new business user in manager.


I entry his email address in the wizard and get a green tick, but on trying to go onto the next stage it removes the address from the box and says "We didn't’t find any valid email addresses in your input."


I've noticed it also won't let me change from my hotmail address to the company address either saying something along the lines of the email address not being valid!


What's going on?

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Novel Adventurer
I tried contacting support but the person I was having a text conversation with seemed distracted.

In the end I foudn a workaround by using an alternative shorter domain name for the email.

I would still like to know why it wouldn't accept the original domain name, it could be somethig as simple as our domain name being quite long (15 characters not including
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Hello Skype,


My skype name is mvj1707 and am Deaf myself and use this laptop to join to skype to my deaf friend and it not working?.. My i Phone 4 is working fine OK no problem but WHY this laptop IS NOT WORK?. It say 'Skype can't connect'?????.. I need it cos it's very important for me please OK.. Please sent me a e-mail address is [edited for privacy] or [edited for privacy] Text Only...


Thank you Mark..

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