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skype connect with pap2

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can i use skype connect with linksys pap2

cause i herd it has some problums

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friends am stil waiting for your support

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sbhokray wrote:


can i use skype connect with linksys pap2

cause i herd it has some problums

Thanks for your Question, you're are correct in that there are some problems using the Linksys PAP2T device on Skype Connect. 


It works fine for outgoing calls, however it can not be set up to receive calls from an online number.


Hope this helps.




Skype Enterprise Support

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what are the configuration code to hook it up 

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i want the configuration code because is only outgoing calling i would use it for please help thank you
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can i use skype connect with linksys pap2?

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I would like to have the configuration too.

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i have used it to call from my skype account and it is okay why should it be difficult to call from an online number

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To All,


The Linksys PAP2 is not a Skype Connect certified device, so all features and functions may not work (e.g. inbound calls)


To configure your device please refer to the information listed in Skype Manager, under your SIP profile.  Below is an example of how to set up lines 1 and 2:


*** Click on the Line1 tab and enter/confirm the following:


"Line Enable:"= YES

"SIP Port:"= The UDP port specified in your SIP Profile overview (5060 for Skype) "Proxy:"=

"Register:"= Yes

"User ID:"= Enter your SIP user ID from your SIP profile.

"Password:"= Enter your Password from your SIP profile.


Repeat the same settings for configuring "Line 2".


I hope this information is helpful to you.


Thank you,



Skype Enterprise Support

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Just register with [invalid URL] and
configure your Cisco Pap2t Adapter with following settings.

Go to the web interface of the ATA, then "Admin Login", then "Switch to advanced view".

To find the IP address of the PAP2 to configure it, dial 110# from a phone connected to it.

Menu SIP
STUN Enable : Yes
STUN Test Enable : Yes
STUN Server :

Menu Line 1
Proxy :
Use Outbound Proxy : Yes
Outbound Proxy :
Register Expires : 3600

Display name : optional
User ID : your ID
Password : your password

Dial Plan : (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.|*1[1-5][0-9][0-9]|*15x.)

Menu Regional
Ring 1 Cadence : 60(2/4)
Ring Waveform : Sinusoid
Ring Frequency : 50
Ring Voltage : 70
FXS Port Impedance : 270+750||150nF
Caller ID Method : ETSI FSK

Finally click "Save settings" to reboot the PAP2T.

In case of problem number display on your handset, you can try the following parameters:
Menu Regional
Ring 1 Cadence : 2.25(.25/1.6);60(2/3.5)
FXS Port Impedance : 600 ohms
Caller ID Method : Bellcore

To reset the ATA to factory settings
Pick up the phone and press **** (starkey 4 times), then dial "#73738" and confirm with "1".

once you configured just log on to [invalid URL] website with your login detail
and click on the phoebook and create the speed dial.

Name : XXX
Number (skype) :   [invalid URL]
spead dial number : 10

Name : yyyy
Number (google) :   [invalid URL]
spead dial number : 20

(The Speed Dial allows to link any entry in the address book to a short 2 digits number. Dial then at the tone these 2 digits to call your correspondent. Attention, the short number must be 2 digits (for example putting 01 to 99)


once you finished pick up the phone and dial 10# it will dial skype
if you dial 20# it will dial to google user

[invalid URL]

Try it's working
Both ways


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