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skype can't connect

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I've been having problems with skype for the past 3 days. I keep getting a message with a red exclamation point saying skype can't connect. I've tried everything from reinstalling skype 3 times to checking my firewall. Nothing is working I have perfect internet connection but skype doesn't work. This is a huge inconvenience since i am currently living overseas and I can only contact people and talk to them via skype.

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What Firewall and Antivirus applications are installed on your computer?

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Novel Adventurer

I was using Mcafee Internet Secruity a free subcription came with my acer notebook but the subcription ran out maybe 1 year ago so I haven't been using any anti-virus program for 1 year. It worked fine until about 4 days ago and stopped working.

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You need to configure McAfee’s Firewall to allow Skype traffic or completely disable it.


If this will still not work, then you need to remove any traces of McAfee from your computer.

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