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screen turns purple

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I am currently stationed in Kuwait. I make Skype calls to my wife. She has the Logitech Skype camera hooked up to our tv. We will talk for a few minutes and then her screen turns purple. We can still hear each other for a few minutes then the whole connection is lost. I can Skype with other members of my family no problem. And she talks to her family with no problems but then when we want to Skype, her tv screen always turns purple and then we lose each other. She took the camera back once and the new camera is doing the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

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I have recently had the same issues with my TV cam, but not until I started skyping with my daughter on her new mac. Are you using a mac by any chance?
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Thanks for your report. We are looking into this issue together with our partner Logitech.

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I have exactly the same problem. Everything was working fine until my firend updated his Skype version on his Mac computer. Now, every time he video calls me, it works fine for 1 minute then the screen turns purple but audio still works, then after several minutes, everything shuts down.


It's been two weeks now and I haven't seen any update for this camera.

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I have similar problem with the TV cam. When I switch to screen share on my computer the TV screen turns purple and the TV cam freezes and has to be restarted. Screen share did work a few times at first but is now always giving the same problem with the purple screen. I have the latest version of Skype software on both camera and PC.

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Hi Claudius, 

We are currently in a Skype call with clients and the Logitech Skype cam was working perfectly for the first 45 minutes and just now the screen turned purple. We can stil hear our client, and they can hear us, but our screen is purple and their picture feed has us frozen. I am scrambling to fix it so we can continue this meeting. Have you all had any luck troubleshooting this yet?

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My wife and I encounter the exact same purple screen issue, she runs the Logitech device and I run a PC.  The problem surfaced around 2 weeks ago.  We use the Logitech Skype device connected to the TV (We appear to have the latest driver).  Prior to 2 weeks ago, this device functioned flawlessly.

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I'm dealing with the same problem. It only occurs when calling some people, with others it is fine. My brother has the TV Cam HD and it works fine when we call each other. When calling our parents it is hit and miss. Very frustrating, especially because we didn't have these problems until recently.
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Claudius, do you have a fix for this yet? It has been 6 weeks since your reply. We are trying to use this device for Business and it is very frustrating.

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I'm having the same problem.

I'm using Dell-Inspiron laptop. on any other application other than Skype the camera work fine. on skype I see only shades of purple on the screen.

I haven't found any solution to that problem on the web. 




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