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receiving sms to skype phone number

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Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to receive SMS texts to your skype phone number?  I have a phone number associated with my skype account and would like to send as well as receive to this number.

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Apparently not. This was posted in another thread, and I'll probli get beaten for re-posting it here, but, oh well... "You can't receive SMS replies directly within Skype. But you can setup your Skype sent SMS that way that they appear to be sent from your mobile. SMS replies will then reach you on your mobile phone. Information on how to set this up here:"
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what a shame. it's not worth sending sms via skype if you cannot get the answer. it confuses many people. you always have to tell them not to answer back. can't you change this ? would be great. isa1960

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Hello Friend,


As I understand it, you can recieve SMSs, but not on your computer or other Skype device - but to a cell phone that you have setup to recieve these SMSs.  So if you are wanting to type an SMS into your Skype window - send - and then see the respons on your laptop, etc... that won't work (as far as I know) - but, if you send it via your laptop, and have a cell phone sitting next to you - whose number you've designated within the Skype "Tools", "Options", "SMS Settings" - there is a place for you to type the number in.  There is a "tick bubble" and it says - My mobile phone number. Recipients can send SMS relies.  Hope that can work for you.

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This does not work for me. 


I am on Skype for the Mac.


In the Skypereferences . . . :Messaging windoid.


I click on the "Set Number..." dropdown menu and type in my mobile phone number. I keep getting the message that "Error on sending code to mobile phone" etc.


Now -- perhaps this is my issue, I have a brand new Skype mobile phone number for Germany. So new that I just got it two days ago. I was expecting to be able to send and receive text messages on this -- primarily from my bank and places like that which send you secret codes to your SMS when you are trying to log in. Does this work? Can it work? Why is it so hard to actually talk to a Skype Customer Support person??

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Are you kidding me? All this technology and I cannot use my Skype phone number to send and receive text messages? Does anyone else not think this is a huge let down?


Why is it that not one of these VOIP companies can just get all the things right?

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The link above is a dead link.  I feel so bad.  Just bought a ton of credits, and a new number, and a dedicated phone that will only get wi-fi, and now I want to travel to all the hotspots in the world...  Come on Skype!  You used to be the coolest one on the block!!

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I just bought a Skype number and can't believe I can not receive incoming SMS messages. I've been a loyal customer from the beginning but this is ridiculous.  Is anyone at Skype listening? Anyone else heard anything?

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We just need to keep asking. I am sure they are watching. I got a reply to change some settings, but as always, nothing. I found Text+ and it works perfect. I will drop Skype as its not the same as it it was a few years back.
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I should have read this before paying .......


Even I can setup my mobile phone to receive SMS, however, my mobile phone only receives ASCII but not non-ASCII characters..


Why is so difficult to receive SMS within Skype?  Money??? Skype has charged 4.7 cents which is not CHEAP...


Technology? come on.. man...

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