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"Skype can't connect"

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Hi, I'm trying to test setting up a Skype connection for the office. So far we were blocking Skype and now the policy is going to be more open (within limits) so I'm supposed to test Skype and see what we need and how we can use Skype without taking too much risk. As is to be expected, we're behind firewalls and proxies. I've installed Skype for business (.msi version) and tried to connect, no luck. We've changed the rules and the proxy's supposed to be more lax for my workstation (local and temporary rules), still I keep getting the same message : Skype can't connect. OK that's informative but not much. I tried using wireshark to find out what's wrong but it seems Skype is sending packets all over the world, so it's hard following what's wrong. Is there a log somewhere where I might find out what part is being blocked ? Is there a doc somewhere when I can identify what's supposed to happen (and is not happening) ? In terms of protocol and such ? Standard ending : need help, thank you for any help or hint. Serge
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Novel Adventurer

Sorry, I'm new and attempting to post a related ques. but can't see how to. I'm trying to connect to British Telecom's teleconferencing service using 'Skype Out' but my mac doesn't recognaise it (BT provides a link that won't work).

Can someone please help me by replying here or helping me find the elusive, promised 'new post' button? thanks.

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