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more problems with skype on Samsung Smart TV number 2

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I have a Samsung smart tv,with skype added, much as I try to log on with my account, it isn't possible with log in names with underscore ie _ as the tv doesn't allow below dashes! how on earth am I going to get logged in? or am I going to have to have another login in name? Any help would be very appreciated:bigsmile:

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Please, don't forget D8000 buyers!

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Where did you get the update. I have been into John Lewis and spoke to the Samsung rep on @ least 5 occasions to no avail. Not very helpful I even bought the evolution kit no help.
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Hi I have the same issues on a samsung tv purchased couple weeks ago.

it seems after the 4th call things start to stuff up as in can longer sign in, the sleep mode for skype dosent work only way i can fix it is to complety reset smart hub and re go through the skype sign in process.

If i just remove the skype account and from within skype re add i get the problem with skype issues. however skype will still work on a LG smart tv in the same house aswell as iphone app and andriod apps. so its it is a samsung skype issue

Regards Aron

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