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incoming calls do not come thru

Casual Adventurer

I think the problem is fixed.  I just started getting calls again a few minutes ago, thank heavens!!  I hope it is working now for all of you as well.

Novel Tourist

I had an issue last week where someone tried to call my skype number both from an office phone and from an AT&T mobile blackberry and they were told the call could not be completed because the number was a Skype number.  The person calling me didn't know it was a Skype number so I know that is what the message said.


Today I was on a call.  It dropped.  The person tried to call me back on my skype number and he said he got a strange message from a robot saying something about text messaging.


He called back again and the call connected but I could not hear him.  He called back again, got through, but we had considerable audio gaps.  Finally I called him back on a land line and we had success.


There are so many variables here!  Not sure what is going on.

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