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how to use JOIN CONFERENCE in creating an event?

Novel Adventurer

Can anyone guide me, how do I create an event via JOIN CONFERENCE on skype... that's where I host the call, and people sign in with a pin, and I can open or close their microphones for them to participate in the call or not?

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Hi, rainspirit, and welcome to the Community,


Skype conference calling is not set up to work as you describe it, like a conference call bridge.  Participants must be invited to join a call in-progress.  Access via PIN code is not supported, as neither is the microphone mute function.


I am sorry to be the bringer of unwelcome news.




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Novel Adventurer

thanks Elaine for the reply...

perhpas I didnt expalin myself clearly...

I wish to set up a CALL like a "webinar" whereby participants add JOINCONFERENCE as a CONTACT on skype, and then enter the CALL via skype join conference...........

i attend many of these calls with speakers globally, 

after dialling "joinconference" on skype, one enters a PIN on the keypad in order to access THAT SPECIFIC call.......

I wish to set up my own call with up to 100 listeners for example.....

i dont know how to do that tho, using this skype "joinconference" contact / pin option?

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The feature of join.conference is third party.  Teleseminar or some such thing.  When you are offered this feature you will notice it is a website other than skype.  Check what it is and go to its home URL and you will discover all about it ... usually expensive!

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