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how to delete message

Novel Tourist

i had a conversation via skype free messages (not sms). How i can delete my messages from the wall (without any notification on screen that "this message has been removed")? How I can delete received message (without any notification on screen that "this message has been removed"). I dont want any sign of messages left. How can i delete entire conversation?

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Reliable Adventurer

pray to the god n00bious or n00bs who can't solve problems autonously. To do this you will need to find your message log and delete the conversation, this is neither difficult or "secret google skype message history" or look in other threads.

Novel Tourist
how to delete messege?
Novel Tourist
What an arrogant and degrading way of answering. Just unacceptable. Stay away from humans and animals and plants;-)
Novel Tourist

How to delete IM and SMS messages.

Novel Tourist
How to delete im message From the screen?
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