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europe: use af skype to go

Novel Tourist

Hello - I have a skype account registred in DK - and a skype to go number.

Also I have set up some Direct Dial numbers in my registred phone.

Can I use these numbers from my mobile on no costs when I travel to Germany or Italy?
Thank you!

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Staff Moderator

UL2211 wrote:
Can I use these numbers from my mobile on no costs when I travel to Germany or Italy?

Unfortunately you can't. The STG program is not available in either Germany or Italy.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Novel Adventurer

I am in the USA. I will be traveling to Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  I will be purchasing a local German SIM card for my Galaxy S5 phone to have a local German number.


Can I 'Forward' my Skype phone to the German mobile number to receive calls placed in the USA to my local USA mobile which I will have forwarded to my Skype number?


If so, I assume that my USA based Skype number will incur the long distance rates for such calls which again, would be forwarded to my local Germany mobile phone.


Will this work?  I have read and read through the Skype help and forums and it seems no one is asking this particular question.


Can you help and elaborate?




Kurt Gross

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