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cannot see the other person

Casual Tourist

I have been using the skype from just few days back , it the begining it worked fine and excellent.

But just 2-3 day back the other person can see me but i cannot see the other person

How ever the voice can be heard from both ends.

we are using the same operating sytem

window xp profession sp2

and the skype version is We're both on version

The only thing is that I see the spinnnig circle in the center trying to laod the coming video how ever no success in it .

How ever let me state that I even tried the connect using the window 7 the result was the same, so software was added to both the system, do drivers updated and no change have been done .

We both tried to reinstall the skype many time the result is the same.

I think if many people have the same problems recently , may be it has some thing to do with how the software handles the video.

Kindly look into it

some time though it state the band with is medium and some times it say  BW_low or critical, how ever the BW of none of the user have changed , it is the same as before.

If it connected for many days before it should work fine every day.

If you find  out the solution for it kindly lets us know.




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