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can't add 07917 mobile number

Novel Adventurer

We're heading to Australia in a week and I'm looking into Skype To Go.

I've tried to set up so that I can use my mobile number with my Skype Credit when in Oz but I'm running into problems (I don't know if I'm doing this right):


1. I enter Australia as the country code I'll be calling from.


2. It pre-populates "+61" in the phone number box. I then enter my mobile number after this (07917......), tick the This-is-a-mobile box, however, I'm then met with:

"This phone number is invalid. Please check that you have entered it correctly.  


- Am I doing this correctly? ...hopefully not and it's a simple fix.


- My intention is to set up a few numbers I'd like to call back home in the UK, and to set up a few numbers to phone some relatives I'll be staying with in Australia. Is this doable?


Thanks for your help. 

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Novel Adventurer

Ah well, no response. Activate backup plan: purchase SIM in Australia.

Novel Adventurer

Ok...the solution seems very, very simple (after several live text sessions to support).


If you have a mobile registered in country A and are travelling to country B, you need to set up your Skype to Go + contacts while in the destination country. You can't do this while still in your own country.


For myself, I'll need to set this up while in Australia.

Additionally, while I'm travelling there, I guess I'll need to edit these details when I travel between states (where the main dialing code changes)...for maximum bebefit. 

Hope this actually works! and helps others.


Of course, I'll not actually be using this for local calls over there (as I incorrectly indicated in my original post).


[Appologies if this 'solution' is already in the official docs.]




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