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c2c - service.exe application error on shutdown of windows xp

Novel Adventurer

Recently downloaded skype update including 'click to call'. Running XP with both I.E.8 and Chrome browsers on shutdown of system message keeps popping up c2c - service.exe application error. I have tried to repair, uninstall and also download and reinstall but still get the message on XP shutdown. Also when trying to uninstall skype 'click to call' it tells me to close any chrome windows but at that stage I do not have any chome windows open and it wont let the uninstall process go any further.

Can anyone advise how to resolve the problem

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Novel Adventurer

I have fixed the problem by downloading free Ccleaner software first running analyse then clean followed by uninstalling Skype click to call. During the process it asks for Chrome to be closed and whether to force the issue I selected yes and it removed click to call. the Ccleaner is an impressive piece of software that cleared out a load of other left over junk on my pc system and speeded it up too.

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