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bug sms phone number display

Casual Adventurer



When I make a phone call from skype my mobile phone number is showing correctly. However when I send an sms the number displayed is not mine and yes I checked the When I send an sms identify me by my mobile phone number


Please help thanks

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Casual Adventurer

Is there anyway to contact a skype representative about that. I figured nobody could help on this issue on a forum

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Reliable Adventurer

You should have been prompted to confirm your number if that worked it should be working for you, there may be an issue with your telco provider (the people who own the infrastructure or there may be an issue with skype) do things to isolate the skype issue (check settings, reinstall send yourself text messages to see if the issue persists.)


If your totally stuck I'd say hit me up on skype bodyboardingwa. I am not your personal IT guy but I'll see what I can do

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I purchase a phone number for the skype phone, but it doesn't show it to callers, it show a different number. So why should I purchase a phone number again when this one expires.

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