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Wrong Number or Private Caller Shows up on Caller ID when I call from Skype Online Number

Novel Tourist

Wrong Number or Private Caller Shows up on Caller ID when I call from Skype Online Number.


My phone number is a 312 number and when I call my cellphone from it it shows up as a 616 number or when I call a landline it comes up as private.


Any advice on how to fix this?

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Novel Adventurer

I have same problem, any solution?

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Novel Adventurer

yes, I have same problem and caller ID worked fine until about two weeks ago 

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Casual Tourist

I am having the same problem.  My area code is 865 but all of a sudden it is showing a completely different number on caller id's. Every diget in the skype number is wrong.  I still have to call in on 865 number, so it just involves the outgoing number. I only noticed this since in bought another extension for the skype number.


Any Help!!!!


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Casual Adventurer

This is happening for us too - it's a major issue!  We are trying to use this Skype number for business services.  It's critical that our clients are seeing an incorrect 616 number and that they are unable to call us back.  If we didn't care about the call back number, we would continue with direct dialing from abroad!


Skype - this looks like it's been an issue for a while now!!!  Please fix or let us know if we need to change some setting somewhere.  


We'll need to change service (and our number which has now been distributed to all our US clients), if this problem is not resolved.

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Novel Adventurer
I have the same problem. Who should I contact to have skype to fix this issue?
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Staff Moderator



Please file here:

 but note that you can't make calls from an Online #

Your Online # is for your contacts to call YOU.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

If my advice helped to fix your issue please mark it as a solution to help others.
Please note that I generally don't respond to unsolicited Private Messages. Thank you.
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Novel Tourist

I have a paid phone number that is up to date and current, only when someone calls it, they do NOT get me, nor do I get any notice that someone has called.  How do I know, I used my wife's phone to call my number with my computer off, and my settings were that the call was supposed to go to my cell phone.  Well after four rings, someone answered and told me for fact that the number I called was not my number, that is was no-where near my number.  He would not give me his number nor provide any further info.  I checked and made sure I had called the right number, and I had.  So what gives?  I noticed a few months ago that calls were no longer forwarded to my cell phone.  Now you have two problems, and NO, I do not want a NEW number.

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Casual Adventurer

I have just spent 50 minutes online with Skype support.  I now have that problem resolved.


In my case, there are two important points.

1) I just extended my contract (bought another year). 


I suspect the issue was created as a consequence of that action (a couple of days ago), since before that, the caller id was fine and yesterday it went wrong.  The Skype support agent told me that she could see my Caller ID was not active (whereas I knew it had been before).  She could not tell me when it changed - this along with the coincidental timing - is why I think it may have been accidently switched off, when I took the action to extend.  Nothing else changed at that time - I wasn't messing around with any other settings.


2) It was not obvious to me how to fix it.


It goes like this:

a) Log into your account (either online or in the desktop app)

b) You should see a bunch of tabs under "You have".   Pick that one that says "Call phones"

c) If you have Caller ID properly set up, it should say: "Display this number when I call phones" and just under that will be (as a hyperlink) "Caller ID settings"

d) If it is not set up properly (or is no longer set up properly), you get a different heading - something along the lines of "Show a number when I make calls" and there is a button to press

e) Click through to that link - you'll find a "Caller ID" page.

f) Here, you have the option to set up a mobile number, which Skype will then verify (probably not what you want), or activate a "pre-saved number".  If caller id used to work and no longer does, this is what you want - Click this button and your Online Number should be on that list.

g) Select your own Online Number.

h) Voilà! Hopefully!! 


This worked for me.  I was confused at the stage of the "pre-saved" number, as I thought that meant some other mobile number that I had already verified.  Never fear - it was actually the right place..  There was my Online Number - happily sitting there in the drop-down list.  :-)


Hope this helps some people - since I imagine for some others like us, this is a critical issue!!!


Cheers from New Zealand. 

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Casual Adventurer
Shirley - I suspect your Caller ID may have been accidentally switched off when you did the extension. I've reactivated mine just now.
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