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Why can't I receive sms on skype?

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I paid for skype credit specifically so that I could send and recieve texts.  Why can't people return skype texts?  I would not have paid for the service if I knew it was only for sending, since you can send text messages for free online!

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Is there nothing through Skype that allows us to reply to SMS' we have received from a Skype account..?
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I also want to know the answer to this question. I'm willing to buy a Skype ONLINE NUMBER if it means that I can recieve return SMS.

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fmarinescu wrote:

I also want to know the answer to this question. I'm willing to buy a Skype ONLINE NUMBER if it means that I can recieve return SMS.

You can't receive SMS messages with Skype's Online Numbers. 


In most countries, these Online Numbers are either "landline" or some other special Voice-over-IP class of number, not a mobile number.  If you have a mobile number set up as Caller ID with your Skype account, SMS messages can be sent from Skype and carry that mobile number as the "sender" of the message.  Replies would then go to the mobile number, not to Skype.




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Is there any word of being able to receive a text on skype in the near future?  I don't see the point of sending a text if the other party can't respond to it.  


My situation is I need to be able to send and receive text messages on my mobile phone, but using my work landline (actually VOIP work number) as the caller ID, as my clients don't have access to my personal mobile number.  Any ideas or work arounds out there to accomplish this (in skype or otherwise)?  Thanks in advance...

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There's a technical reason for not being able to receive sms on Skype.

Personally I look at it this way: If it was possible, I'm sure that Skype would implement this service into the product.


Good luck!

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Thank you.  We look forward to being able to do this in the future...

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I have the same problem with you and I really don't get it. Why do we send a messge without receiving their responses? I am very confused about that and I think I waste money for sending those messages, especially they are sending to another country. And the introdution doesn't include that we can't receive our sms. I feel bad about that.

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Hi weicima


Why can't receive we sms on Skype? Well - can, but only on the mobile phone.

We just need to add our own phone number in Skype.


Skype > Preferences > Messaging

On Skype for Macintosh, you can reach the Preferences easily by pressing ⌘-,  (Command - Comma)


In the Skype Preference-bar Messaging, insert your telephone number so when people reply to your sms'es (sent from Skype), you will receive the sms on your cellphone.


Good luck!   y):


How to pay for this (free) service ?

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Thanks in advance!



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I don't believe that for a second. Why isn't Skype Tech Support responding in this forum?
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