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When the new version of Skype will be available in Samsung TV Market?

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I am having the same issue as described in the post:


The issue seems to appear in Skype 2.0 version.

Does anybody know when the new Skype release will be available?

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That's something difficult to estimate since standalone devices don't seem to follow the same update process/rotation.  Especially when updated builds may possibly require firmware updates to the set itself and interactions with Samsung to address odd issues.  So your guess is as good as mine if/when an update will be made available since Skype doesn't tend to publish a timeline on releases in general.  You could always contact Samsung to see if they have more feedback on the topic.  As far as a solution, I would suggest going wired if not already and test out the communication between various Skype client versions.  You may find that if your contacts downgrade to a previous release, it may eliminate or minimize the freezing that is occurring.

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I also would like to know when there is going to be an update.

Skype is giving me problems and i alwats have the very latest Samsung firmware updates and the Smart Hub also.


Two years old software is not good and needs updating.......would be nice if we could send messaging on TV with by bluetooth keyboard too.

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