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What's my own number????

I ordered a number, it flashed by me quickly before i could remember it

Ive looked all over my profile and can't find it- where is it? 

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In order to see your online number, you need to sign in to your Skype account: and click on "Online Number" tab.

To learn more about Online Numbers visit:

I hope it helps!

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Novel Tourist

i tried what you said but it brings me back to purchasing a online number.


can you email me my online number as i dont know it



Novel Adventurer


Novel Adventurer

i already have a skype number with a bunch of credit, cant find my number at all, when i look for it under my accounts page its asking me to buy a new one.  **bleep** YOU.  Im not a **bleep**ing RETARD why is this SOOOO **bleep**ING DUMB?!  you shouldn't need internet access to find your own NUmber. It should be easily displayed in your contacts.   **bleep** THIS **bleep**! 




  1. Access your Skype account by first signing on to the website.  The link appears at the upper right corner of the website page and says Sign In.
  2. Scroll down a little on your account's website page to the Manage Features section.  Click on the blue Skype Number "tile."
  3. Your Skype Number will appear on the left side of the next website page you are taken to.


  1. Sign on to the website as explained above.
  2. Scroll down a little and click on Manage Features under the Account Details list.
  3. Click on the blue Skype Number tile.  Your Skype Number will appear on the left side of the next website page you are taken to.


I have just tested both methods, above, using FireFox browser on a Win7 PC.


If these steps do not work for you, please post back with screen shots - carefully using something like PC Paintbrush to redact personally identifiable information - so the website team can be alerted that something has gone awry, and where in the process the system breaks down.  Please also indicate which web browsers and which version number of the web browsers that you used, as well as your laptop/computer/device information (OS, version, make/model).


Good idea as far as having a Skype Number appear somewhere on your own Contacts list.  Of note, the way Skype works now, though, your Contacts will not appear on your Contact list if Skype is not connected to the internet.  Just sayin'.


I appreciate your anger and frustration, however please remember we are all encouraged in the Community Guidelines to please be nice.  :happy:


Kind regards,


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