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What do calls actually cost on SKYPE connect? .80 cents or .08 cents?

Casual Adventurer

It says the basic charge for calls is .8 cents a minute.  Then it says you can buy a 5000 minute bundle for $30.  That makes no sense.  .8 cents a minute is .80 EIGHTY CENTS a minute.  That would mean 5000 minutes at 80 cents would be $400.


Then it gives an example of 30,000 minutes costing $171.  or .57 cents per minute if you used all 30,000 minutes.  Again this makes no sense what so ever.  30,000 minutes at .57 cents is $17,100.


Could it be that what you meant to say is that calls are billed at .08 cents?  or .057 cents?


This would make more sense.  I am certainly not signing up for something that costs 80 cents a minute.  I would think that a company as large as SKYPE would know enough not to make such stupid representations as .57 cents vs. .057 cents.  So which is it?


Also if I only want to use SKYPE connect on 1 line for outbound calls only, do I need an inbound phone number?


I want to use an automated dialer with a taped message.  I am a dentist, and I have over 7500 patients.  I need to advise all of them that I have moved my office location, and I just can't make 7500 calls by hand.


Thank you!



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Casual Adventurer

Huh? I think you need to revisit your maths


0.8 cents a minute is exactly that,  eight tenths of a cent per minute. OR you can write that as 0.08 dollars. So 5,000 minutes = 40 dollars, a saving of 10. You don't need an inbound number in order to make calls.



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Casual Adventurer

You need to revisit your English.  :bigsmile:  


If it said .8 of a cent, that would make sense.  Because .8 of a CENT that would be 8/10ths of a single penny or 80% of a penny or .8.  However .8 CENTS, plural is 80 CENTS!  


You even said, "eight tenths of a cent per minute."  You did't say, "eight tenths of a CENTS per minute" did you?


You can't call 1 PENNY, "CENTS" that is the plural of CENT indicating you are talking about more than 1 penny.  You don't say, "I only have 1 cents."  You don't say, "I only have 1 pennys."  You say I only have 1 cent, I only have 1 penny, but tomorrow I will have 2 cents.


I have a PhD, but you don't need one for simple English.  


The information is written poorly.



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Casual Adventurer

But hey, I do thank you for the clarification and translation service for letting me know what SKYPE was really trying to say.

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Casual Tourist
Actually I was confused too, by checking the call rates online , it's written local calls from 1,7cents/min... And mobile rates from 7,4cent/mins. So my English isn't that great, so maybe it should be written as $0.017 and $0.074 instead...
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