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Video calling with Samsung smart TVs

Casual Adventurer

I've just bought a Samsung D6530 smart TV. Problem is that people I call can't activate their cameras so I can't see them and they can't see me. Could this be a firewall problem? There don't seem to be any settings on the TV that I can change for this?

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem and have not been able to resolve it.  I have my TV connected to the modem via lan cable and everything else works fine (internet etc).  Only when i make or recieve a skype call all we get is voices, no video.  We can see ourselves in the call, but not the other person and they cannot see us.  We are using the Samsung TV camera....


Any recommendations!

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I have the same problem,I bought this state of the art Samsung D6530 in the hope that one of the advantages would be chatting to my friends and family in the comfort of the lounge on Skype but I am experiencing the following:- 

  •  I can connect, no problem.
  •  I can see myself in the window on the TV screen.
  •  I cannot see my friends and they cannot see mevebut we can hear each other
  •  I can call my TV from my laptop  and it works perfectly !!
  •  Differences... My laptop uses Vista, my friend in New York uses Mac, my family in  London use Windows.
  •  I went back to the store that supplied the TV and they said that they have heard of this problem and the way around it is check that the people you are calling have Skype 4.2 for windows or Skype 5.0 or higher for Mac.

     I would be interested in your comments.


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Novel Tourist

I to have the same problem TV connected via lan, orginal UK samsung skype camera, 6530TV...everything works perfectly up until the video link not coming on, voice is clear, can see myself on the camera...but in the top right corner i have only one red bar, i guess this is the broadband speed, at first i thought the bandwidth was the problem...but i can't prove it, seems it may be more than that from the above posts...all ideas welcome

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Novel Tourist

I have the same issue with my UE55D8090 Samsung smart TV plus CY-STC1100 Skype camera. Audio works brilliant, video calling is not available, although I see myself in the Skype app on the TV. My counterpart uses a Mac with up-to-date Skype version on it. Has anyone solved the problem in the meantime or has new hints?

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Novel Adventurer

Has anyone found a solution? I have exactly the same problem with a Samsung 6300 Smart TV -- great voice , see myself, no video to the person I'm calling and they don't see me either. It did work when I spoke to someone who was using an i-phone.

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Casual Tourist

Try a different USB port.

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Novel Adventurer

I have exactly the same problem with my Samsung 6300 Smart TV purchased in October 2011. When I place a call to some of my contacts, the audio works well, I can see myself in the screen window (so my camera is working) but I cannot see them and they cannot see me. I did make a call to a friend who was using an i-Phone, and the video worked with them. Does anyone have a solution? I called Samsung, and they told me that I was "doing everything right" and that I should contact Skype -- but I haven't been able to get through to a staff person to address this issue.

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Reliable Adventurer

Samsung is responsible for de Skype app, not Skype. Skype only delivers networkaccess.

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Casual Adventurer

I too have a D6350 and a CY-STC1100 and they work fine - except many of the features I want to use on Skype are not present in version 2.0, for example auto answer.  I'm about to install the Firmware upgrade so I let you know if any thing improves.


When you call Samsung to discuss the Skype application, they correctly refer you to Skype.


Why would Samsung service another companies application?


Skype on TV is the logical way to go - but all the features should be available.

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