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Video call queue

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I am running a project, where we want to give 250 of our users a windows 8 tablet.


On these tablets, we will have Skype preinstalled, and we want to setup a helpdesk ID that the users can make a videocall to. So far so good. Skype will be able to do this.


My concern is, if 2 or more users calls at the same time. In this scenario, i want the 2nd caller to "get in line" and wait for his turn. I know people are talking about a PBX solution for this, but as far as i can see, this will only work for the audio?


It is important to me that the calls will be a videocall.


Anyone got a good solution for this setup?


Thanks in advance.

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Is there a way of admin/managing a skype based inbound video call center?

Like PBX for audio, is there a way to route all video calls to a single ID and then distribute the call thereafter to an idle call center executive?

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