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Video Call quality from Sony Bravia TV with Skype

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I spoke with sony tech support about this issue. They state that skype is identifying the max resolution supported by the camera and it is skype that isn't bringing the camera to 720. This actually make sense as skype's website (see link below) lists the sony camera as "High Quality" and not "HD". Is there anyway for skype to explain why skypekit isn't treating this camera as HD? Is the limitation fixable via firmware update?

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The Sony 2011 and 2012 TVs cannot support HD video calling. The maximim video quality they can support (for receiving and sending video) is high quality video (VGA equivalent resolution).

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Shorty wrote:

The Sony 2011 and 2012 TVs cannot support HD video calling. The maximim video quality they can support (for receiving and sending video) is high quality video (VGA equivalent resolution).

Why is that? The AVC encoder is contained within the camera, so what processing does the TV need to do that is limited to SD quality? As for receiving video - the TV is capable of decoding 1080p AVC streams - so why would it be limited in this case?


Just trying to understand the reason for the restriction. Sony tech support claims that they are capable but that skype isn't authorizing it.

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I have the same issue except mine is Sony TV to Sony TV using Sony webcams.  A friend and myself both have XBR Sony TVs with Sony Skype webcams.  When we Skype via the TVs, the video quality drops off significantly in about 20-30 seconds (initial connection is good).  If one of us Skypes using a computer instead of the TV (either one of us) the video is good (so we have ruled out network and Intent issues).  There may be an issue with the Skype app for the Sony TV?  I contacted Sony but they passed the buck telling me I had to contact their paid support group.  Frustrating...

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I'm using a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX720 with the CMU-BR100 camera and all the latest software updates.


I am able to log in to Skype and start a video call. However, after talking for just a minute, my image (outgoing) suddendly stops. I can select Stop and then Start again and it works, but just for a few seconds. It is really annoying. If I go to the option View my image, I can look at myself for several minutes, with no problems at all.


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He has the exact same setup - XBR Bravia TV with the same Sony Webcam.

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We have a similar problem: we are running 2 Sony TV-s KDL-40CX520 with attached Sony webcams CMU-BR100 in different cities. Network connection speed is 10 Mbps download and 5Mbps upload on both sides. Yet the image gets blurry in about 30 seconds from video call start on both sides so that one cannot even recognize the people.


It seems that the camera can only get a good quality small picture as my own pic on my TV during the call stays excellent (yet small).


Skype developers: I am quite confident that there is cooperation between Sony and Skype as Sony runs Skype on their TV-s. Would it be possible to bring this topic up ASAP and find a solution together?! If you suggest this is a Sony matter, please confirm that in technical details and I hope some of us here in the Skype Community can copy it to Sony for finding a solution. A hint with most appropriate contact details is also necessary!


Otherwise it seems that we bought the two sets of TV-s and cameras completely in vain and still have to opt for laptops! We could have saved a lot of money on cheaper TV-s which do not advertise as "Skype-ready"! (which they are not).



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Thanks for the feedback, nice to know we are not the only ones with this specific issue.  I am not sure what the best avenue is to get this issue resolved.  Between us, I think we have essentially eliminated Internet/network connections as the problem.  That narrows it down to either Sony issue or Skype.  My suspicion is that it is the Skype App but I am not sure who is responsible for it?  I read someplace that Skype is working on improving the App to make it more like the computer Skype (multiple connections, etc.). We have raised the issue in this forum now I guess all we can do is wait until the App is changed to see if the problem is resolved?  Any other ideas?

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I have the exact problem that all of you are having with my Sony Bravia TV and web cam.  So far I have tried returning the camera and buying the same again.  This was to no avail, had the same problem as before.  Sony has now replaced the entire circuit board on my TV and brought it back to brand new conditions and once again, the problem continues.  I feel that those of you who believe that this is caused by resolution are most likely correct.  My next stepe is to try to get the money back on the camera and just use my laptop for Skyping.  It's a shame that so many will go through this experience again and again.  It has taken me many hours in almost a year's time to arrive at this conclusion. 

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Does the 2013/2014 Sony TVs now support HD/720p resolution?

any difference there between br100/200 models?


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