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Verify phone number for SMS

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I can't get the code

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I'm having the same issue in the US.  I enter my mobile number and click Send; it says it is delivered, but after repeated attempts I have still not received the verification code on my mobile.  I even contaced my mobile provider and they have no record of the messages being received by their system.

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Same problem in Japan.

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Same problem for me. I am in Texas and my cell provider is Sprint. I do not receive a text with the verification code nor a failure message from Skype. Seems to be a permanent condition.

Does anyone from Skype actually read these posts?

I would love to know if Skype has issues with certain providers.

Has anyone on Sprint suceeded with verifying their phone?


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I was able to receive my code today with no problems.  It came instantly after I submitted my number.  My carrier is At&t.  They said my phone number would begin to show on outgoing calls / SMS within 24 hours, so I guess I will see if it actually works.

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Hi I just opened my account today, I did not download Skype because the option I went for was" Skype ON The Go". It said you did not have you do any down loads just pay the $10.00 and register your number and start calling. I was going to call to Nigeria and that was what was on my account page. I was just exploring the website and was wondering what prices were in other countries, I clicked on Australia  and when I went back to my account page it had changed from Nigeria to Australia. I never called anyone and they had deducted 84cents from my  account and even though I changed it back to Nigeria it did not correct on my page. I to am having the verify problem to. I am with T-Moble in Virginia but my land line is Cox Cable. It seems to me the problem is in using the Mobil phones. Do anyone have a number for customer service I would love to have it, and it keeps loging me out when I roam around the site. I came  here from Another site because I thought I could get a better rate, but boy was I wrong. I have never exprenced so much confussion in my life. I am leaving these site as soon as my money run out. Do any one have a number for the Aussie it can be any thing I just want to call and let my time run out so I can leave,if so Holler At Your Girl

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As a note - if you use Virtufon the verification WILL NOT WORK if you are in the 604 area code, it's fine in all others:


Thank you fro contacting us.  I'm sorry, I regret to report that the SMS gateway system that Skype uses is unable to route SMS messages (for caller-ID verification, etc) to our 604 numbers.  We've never managed to get them to fix this.  They can reach all of our other area codes, but for some reason, 604 is a problem.  Unfortunately since it's the sender of SMS messages that is responsible for routing outbound SMS messages, we don't have much control over the situation.  Our numbers are globally reachable for SMS, as you observed in your test.  I'd like to see them fix this, but the 604 area code has been a problem months, that we keep hoping they'll resolve -- but no luck so far.
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i'm having problems with the message in Colombia. My Carrier is Comcel contry code is +57 and the local code is 310. 

You only gave an explanation to the users of the 604 area code... please help the others.

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I have successfully verfyied phone nummber but when I clck on "save" nothing happened is saved so I tryed several times. every time I restart skype I have to verify AGAIN

live in Bosnia

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Hi I'm also having problems with Skype.  For years I have been using the SMS facility with my mobile number showing. My computer got wiped and I loaded a new Skype onto my clean machine. no problem  I could still sign into my account but in the meantime Skype had forgotten to sign off my SMS with my mobile phone number. When I tried to put it back on . It asked me to go through a verification procedure.  It said I would get a verification code sent to me.  What happes  The code never comes .   I have read about the same problem from other posters on this page.   Does anybody know how to fix this?  thanks      from   getoffthephone9

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