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Using 'smart' TV's in a corporate LAN

Novel Adventurer

Hi -


Looking at the possibility of purchasing a pair of skype capable TV's and installing them in two offices of our comapnay to provide 'point-to-point' video conference.

The offices have a dedicated 4Mb connection between each other, and have access to the internet (although the web connection would be too slow for video calls).

Will the skype tv's send the video data in a direct peer-to-peer connection ?

And which ports would we need to open up on the routers ?


Apologies if this isn't the best forum to post in, please suggest a more appropriate one if that is the case.



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Hi Steve


Interesting question I suspect it won't work in a direct peer-to-peer situation, without each being connected to the open internet. However, let me ping one of our engineers and get an answer for you. I'll reply back to this chat when I have one. 


Best wishes



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Former Staff

Hi Steve,
We don't believe this will work, but you could try it with desktop clients and check the call technical data to confirm.
For more information, check out the Skype IT Administrator's Guide here:

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Novel Adventurer

Hi Theo, Jill


Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.

I have been having a read of the it admin guide as I found it about half an hour ago


Skype for business doesn't seem to have the advanced option to look at call quality info, but I have managed to establish by trying some test file transfers, that connections are being relayed (and are therefore super slooooow)  between two laptops that are connected to the LAN almost side by side in the floor ports

This also means that the video stream is attempting to go out over the painfully slow internet connection, so it's not useable.


I'm coming to the conclusion that it's going to be a struggle to get this working.

It's a shame because a pair of standalone 'box-of-tricks' to do point-to-point Video conference costs £1000's  and skype looked like it would have been a super solution.


If you have any other thoughts or suggestions , I'm all ears (or eyes)





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