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User has disappeared from Skype Manager

Casual Adventurer


I received an e-mail over the weekend saying one of the user on Skype Manager removed itself. This is a mistake, the user (argentieres) didn't remove itself, he hasn't even logged into the Skype website. He's the owner of the company.

I need this user back in Skype Manager but I can't add him. I see in the Help pages that if the company has an address in the US, it can't add users with personal accounts. I've been using Skype for years and Skype Manager (at the time Skype for Business or something similar) since 2008.

How can I add argentiers back? I repeat, he never removed himself. I also need to change the country for Skype Manager, which should now be Ecuador, the company moved but I never changed this.


Thank you for your help.


Kind regards,



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Casual Adventurer

Caaaan someone please help me? This is very important and urgent.



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