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Use one Skype account for SIP (incoming call) and chat with the normal skype program

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Is it possible to use one single account for using incoming calls to our phone central (SIP) and use the same account for the normal skype program for Windows? Or is it required to use 2 accounts, one dedicated for the chat and one dedicated for the incoming calls by SIP?


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Hello Jasper,


You asked if it was possible to use the same account (Skype name) for both Skype Client and Skype Connect/SIP.


Unfortunately, "if a business Skype account is attached to a SIP profile, it cannot be used to sign in to Skype on your computer or any other device."


So, yes, you will need to use 2 separate accounts:  1 for Skype Client and the other as a managed user (business account) for incoming calls on your SIP profile.


If you have additional questions, please let us know.


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Skype Enterprise Support

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