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Use Skype without Internet connection

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is it possible to make calls and recieve calls with Skype from/to my mobile at places with no Internet connection (wifi/3g)? 

With some kind of forward thing maybe or alike?

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Make calls without internet connection: Use Skype To Go.

Receive calls on Skype without internet connection: Set up call forwarding.
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Thanks for your reply,


I live in Sweden now but im traveling to Australia soon for a longer period of time. Can I then get a Swedish Skype phone number witch I forward to a my Australian Sim card? Or is it only possible to forward in the country you have the Skype number? 

What should I order and what would the costs be? If it´s possible.




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Yes, you can buy a Swedish Online Number and have calls forwarded to any phone in the world if you are not online to take the call on Skype.


For costs on Online Numbers go to:


For call forwarding you need to first buy some Skype Credit: 


And then set up call forwarding to your Australian mobile:

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Hi once more,



Online no:
3 month subscription, 150,00 kr (184,50 kr incl. VAT) 
12 month subscription, 500,00 kr (615,00 kr incl. VAT) 


Call forwarding, buy credit:


Call forward Swedish Skype number to Australian mobile number:
Here I don´t find what the price will be from Swedish Skype no to Australian mobile. Do I pay reciving calls? Can anyone please help?


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You pay the rate for calls to Australian mobiles. 1.86kr/min

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Thanks for all the help!


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I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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