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Unable to verify text phone number

Casual Tourist

Skype says it has sent a verification code to mobile phone but SMS never received. Ordinary SMS mesages go to same mobile phone with no problem. Any ideas?

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Novel Tourist

Same here! I haven't gotten a text verifying my # even though I have Sprint and my number is the same as normal cell phone #? No verification by standard text message or skpe text! IN FACT it still shows my account as having no credit on phone and tablet although I have a month PAID (offer from skype), will not even consider buying credit unless fixed! Anyone know why? and yes I have asked to resend but no text....... ??????

Novel Adventurer
Same here for me; suddenly my account is unverified and when I try to re-verify it, my phone doesn't receive any message from Skype.

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Casual Tourist

Same here. I used to be able to verify my numbers no problem (even in Ecuador and the UK). However, I just got a new US number and I've tried about 4 times to get a code sent and nothing happens.

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Novel Tourist
ditto for me, so what the hell do i DO???????
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