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Unable to access Skype Manager

Novel Adventurer

I've been unable to access Skype Manager for 8 days now.  My account works fine to log in regularly via the skyep app (to make calls, chat, etc), and I can even login to the skype site to change settings for that account.  I just can't get into the Skype Manager.  When I do, I see an error message (screenshot below) either after I'm prompted for my login credentials, or immediately upon clicking the Skype Manager link if I'm already logged in.


When I chat or email Skype support, they either claim that it's working fine, or they say that a "specialized department" (they always refuse to name the department when I ask) will take care of it and email me.  The email invariably arrive a couple of days later telling me that everything is working fine, and if for some reason it's still not working, I should contact Skype chat support.


I tried reaching out to Claudius at @SkypeSupport via twitter and all I got back from him were these two non-specific and not-helpful tweets:  


@mdavep I just successfully logged in using IE9. Which browser are you using and which error do you see? ^CH


(when I answered his question he did not reply)




@mdavep Which page are you trying to login? Your web account page is ^CH


(when I answered his question he did not reply)


My business is suffering as a result of these problems, as I am unable to reassign phone numbers to my sales teams and make changes to my tracked numbers for my ad campaigns.  I'm probably losing about $250-$500 per day that this is not working.



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We've identified a login problem with Skype Manager and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience (and confusion caused by my follow up tweet).
Unfortunately I can't share an ETA for the fix yet.

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Novel Adventurer

Thanks for your response.  As of right now it's still not working for me, hope this gets fixed soon.

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Novel Adventurer

Claudius-  I see on that there are no login problems being reported.  It's still not working for me, and I am still unable to log in to skype manager.  Has the problem been reported as being fixed?  In which case, why is it still not working for me?


(I tried today with multiple computers, from multiple internet connections, multiple browsers, and after clearing my cache on each one.  No luck)

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Novel Adventurer

I see this is dated 6/8/2012... and no answers or replies. This isn't giving me a lot of confidence in Skype Support... or the product for that matter. I have the same problem - I just go around in circles but can not get into the Manager anymore. This is crap...

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