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UK number/Texting.

Novel Tourist

I bought a number and SMS credit, I can text people just fine, but I cant recieve them back. Is there a way to get around this or did I spend 20~ bucks on nothing? I tried to set my personal ID to my new number but it says I have to recieve a code.. which I cant.

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Former Staff

If I understood you correctly then you wish to receive SMS messages from your contacts to your Online Number.

I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment, since Skype doesn't support receiving SMS messages to Skype accounts. You can set your mobile number as sender ID, so that when you send out messages your contacts would see your mobile as sender and replies will be delivered to your mobile.

Online Numbers are just like regular landline numbers, but the only difference is that you don't need a physical phone, you can pick up calls in Skype on any device or computer.


In case you purchase Online Number only for receiving SMS messages then customer service can help with the refund:

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HowHow do I set up using my registered phone number as the ID for when I send a text and not my user name ? 


I want people to be able to reply so it comes back to my mobile and not get lost if they reply back to my user name



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