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Transferring Calls- Why Skype Removed It

Casual Tourist
After using Skype for 5 years for my business, I finally have to let Skype go. I do not understand the underlying reason for Skype to remove the best feature of Skype for Business. Call transfer was the must have feature for us.<br><br>Why was it removed?<br><br>Please bring it back
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Novel Adventurer

Oh, then this is why it doesn't work for us anymore as well!

Any reason? other solution?

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I would love to know where you're going so I can follow. I need to be able to transfer calls from the main office to the field at a moments notice....Really shocking that they dropped this feature.

Isn't someone from Skype actually supposed to respond to these threads just wondering??...

sad day in Skypeville

download older version... if we must

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and I just got a message from the skype community that I am now a Novel Tourist.  I AM NOT A NOVEL TOURIST I'M A PISSED OFF BUSINESS OWNER THIS IS SERIOUS BS.

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Seahaven wrote:

Isn't someone from Skype actually supposed to respond to these threads just wondering??

no, these forums are for community (i.e. user-to-user) support, so you should not necessarily expect to get a reply from a Skype representative (it does happen on occasion though)


if you wish, you can contact customer service

Casual Tourist


Call transfer is a must have for business!!!!!!!! Please restore the feature!!!!




Novel Adventurer

This is the email repsonse I got from Skype Support when I asked why this feature was removed - especially as it is critical to business use.



We understand your concerns regarding the removal of the call transfer feature on the latest version of Skype application. We will be happy to explain this for you.


We continue to invest in the Windows Desktop platform to ensure we’re giving users all the capabilities of Skype they have come to love. 


In recent versions of Skype for Windows Desktop, we have focused on providing users with features including improved video messaging and file sharing capabilities, and implementing a more intuitive way of sending and adding contact requests.  We decided to remove call transfer functionality due to technical challenges in supporting this feature, which enabled us to focus on improving the quality of the user experience and develop the features that our customers enjoy the most. 


We will look to readdress the possibility of an improved call forwarding function in future versions of Skype for Windows Desktop."


They obviously are not interested in the business user!


We are moving off Skype to a hosted PBX service.

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Did you decide on a hosted pbx provider? We're in the same boat.

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Wow call forwarding still works for the skype regular messenger but it is shakey to say the least, half the times the calls do not go through, guess we are moving our services somewhere else as well.  Anyone interested in alternative methods........  try these....



Google voice



Paid Services <--- BEST!! service, stable, reliable, fast and many many many options, really good low prices, since I found these guys, our business call intake went up 65%, don't care if you tell them I sent you or not, but give these guys a try.


Evoice - they have some good features but can get kinda pricey


Good Luck, who knows maybe skype will realize they screwed up and bring the business features back

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I agree.  For years you have made it difficult to contact anyone there and now I have a new system on the Windows 8 and I hate it.  Is there anyway that I can switch it back to the old one?  Does anyone know of a service like Skype?

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