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Tely Labs telyHD - Group Video Calling

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Still no love? Could we get a offical response please?

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drl-elmo, thanks for keeping them on task here.

I'm emailing support, please do the same, plus anyone else.

If the corporate folks read this, there are concerned users who want to use the proper channels here.  Please assist!

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I purchased a Vizio Smart TV for my company and the Vizio 4 mic camera.  I was hoping this would solve a problem and allow us to have group communication within our business and customers.  We work all over the world. I was not informed that we could not Group Skype through the Smart TV. Unsure as to why this cannot happen, I even created a group from my computer hoping that it would show up on my contacts list thinking that might be the problem.  Could you please have this corrected.  Reviewing this forum it seems that this has been a request for over a year now.  Since the Smart TV's are much like computers I do not see why this should be a problem. I was just about to purchase the premium package as well but do not find the point if I can not use my Office Skype Room to perform as how I intended.  Please let us know when there is going to be a solution for this issue as it seems to be pressing.  And as for a business (which you are promoting) this would make more sense since my Skype room contains a large TV so that meetings can occur and there is no crowding the computer screen.

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Like many others, I'm looking at the TelyHD to provide video conferencing for my company. I can't progress this until Skype group video calling is available.

When do you expect this to be made available to 3rd party developers/integrators?

Looking at this thread, I'd say an update from Skype is overdue.

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I made the mistake of purchasing the TelyHD device for my multinational company, specifically for inter-company conference calling, assuming that when their promotional material says they support Skype, then they actually mean it. It was only later that I discovered that this is not true. For 1-to-1 calls, the device works fine and is very usable, but no group calling makes it a no-no for serious corporate use.


Clearly this is the fault of Skype rather than TelyHD, but the latter should revise their promotional material as IMHO it is misleading in an important way.


And Skype should get their act together and support group calling for non-PC devices. The whole point of something like TelyHD is that I can leave it permanently set up in a conference room, with a decent camera and good quality video, and not have to dedicate an expensive workstation which I would also have to support.


Had I realized that TelyHD did not work for me, I clearly would not have purchased it. As it is, I'll refrain from purchasing it for our other dozen or so international offices until this major shortcoming is fixed.

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Morning Skype,


Could we have a ticket number and an eta please? I can’t stand the fact that this keeps being ignored!

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Skype, add one more to the list of companies waiting desperately for this feature.
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Same situation here- If the device is Skype certified and promoted on Skype's site- Why doesn't it have all the features of Skype? Official response and ticket as has been requested above please.

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Hi All,


Still waiting i see, uuuhhhhh...


Can somene at Skype give us a ticket number or at leaset give us a clue?


i cant wait till they get dragged in to Microsoft Support by there ears and tickets can be logged! Get rid of some of the deadwood!

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I would suggest you contact Tely Labs since SKYPE is not all about customer support and answering this issue.  I have a Visio so I guess I will have to contact them.  I don't see why this should be so difficult for them to answer or fix.

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