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Tely Labs telyHD - Group Video Calling

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Hi there,


I'm thinking about buying the Tely Labs telyHD for use at work. I have a Skype Premium Account but can I use this Tely Labs telyHD for group video calling?

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Current Skype enabled TV sets , BluRay players & external smartcams such as TelyHD don't support group video calling yet. You can do only 1-on-1 Skype video calls.

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Purchased the TelyHD for my parents to do group video.  Is group video going to be supported?  If so, when do you estimate?  I'll need to find another solution for them if you do not plan to provide group video.  Thanks.

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Unfortunately, no, we do not yet have a timeline for Group Video Calling on TelyHD support.

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JKTol wrote:

Unfortunately, no, we do not yet have a timeline for Group Video Calling on TelyHD support.

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I just learned today - not yet
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I'm in a software company so I know how it sometimes works... so I'll ask it this way: Where is the official channel to give direct feedback to the decision making team on when the telyHD will be in the schedule for Group Video Calling support?

There's such a group out there, and there is a proper way of communicating. Help us make our voice heard. Thanks!
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My brother, sister, parents, and I are spread across the globe.  After careful research we all purchased the TelyHD and opened Skype Premium accounts to group call.  Surprise! No group calling - which is one of the main features of Skyping.  Looking in this Forum we find nothing but lame excuses.


Well, we solved the problem! We returned all 4 TelyHD systems, collected our total of $1000 spent and purchased 4 Logitech C615 HD cameras at $50.00 each from Walmart.  Works great! Fantastic camera controls (even Focus-imagine that!), excellent low light response, tons of special effects, and yes, even group calling.


The message is - Wake Up TelyHD & next time do some planning before you bring half a product onto the market.

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I’d like to reiterate the request from "Epinto", Skype could we please provided with an official channel to request the Group Chat/ Premium Services option for Skype TV products? I have a Panasonic TX-P50VT30B (2011) and this would absolutely make the product brilliant.


I don’t believe this is an issue with TelyHD specifically; it’s a Skype software limitation (version limitation of Skype or possibly a TV hardware limitation – really hope it’s not a hardware limitation). I know this issue also exists for the people wanting to use the group calling with the Panasonic TYCC20W Skype certified webcam.


 I’d like to be able to open an official case and ideally get a case number and an eta of if and when this maybe resolved.


Come on Skype (Microsoft) could we get an official statement on whether or not this will be in the pipeline or not.



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So, this weekend we (5 of us) tested Skype Premium... I was very excited to get the service (as its £2.99 a day, should have been free for 7 days as per the site). Thinking as I’m paying for it that it would be great. Found the services less than acceptable…


I have friends in the USA, Spain, South Africa and the UK and the video was less than pleasant. They all reported video dropping out at different times for no reason. My friend in the UK (1.5 hours’ drive away his video was the worst) for me. I hosted the call in the UK and I have a 30MB Fibre Optic line (Virgin, and I get 30MB and 3MB upload - I get this speed many speed tests, not on the same day obviously). I monitored my link and only used max a 150KB of the link with these results. Having this test run, we decided to starts using another product with an “O and ends in an o” (don’t want to advertise other products in this forum) straight after, which is free for group video calling but advert support. Much better experience all the video work and audio was better to.


I’m so disappointed Skype, I was really wanting this to work and to be great. So having paid the money for the service I would like a refund. I think the 15 minutes we used doesn’t justify the day rate. Could someone please contact me and credit my Skype account.


Very disappointed Skype (Microsoft) on the "Premium Service"! This is my honest opinion and not a bashing, I’m not pushing other products merely let people know about the experience.

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