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Sype WiFi phone by Belkin

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I lost my WiFi phone in the plane and bought the used one. It's able to find my home network, to connect, but not able to sign in. I closed Skype on my desktop, I reset the phone, I updated Skype version on the phone - it doesn't help.

Anyone faced problem like this ? 

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Yep, exact same problem, what router are you using?, mine is a Sagem (sky), I have tried everything, waiting for another response from Belkin support, can any other wi-fi phone access and log into your Skype account via your home router?, have you tried using a friends router to access skype with the Belkin?



Novel Tourist



Did you get a reply from Belkin? and if so what is the answer please.

I have recently changed my router to a Thomson tg585v7 and decided to try my belkin again. It works fine at Macdonalds and other free wifi spots but wont let me use my own home router - it does connect to the router but not onward to the internet. I live in Cyprus and thought this might be a local issue but if others have the same problem it gives me hope.

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