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Sony BRAVIA not able to Login to Skype "kicks out from SKYPE and reboots TV!"HELP!

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I'have 55EX720 and have the same problem since I bought a week ago. I've called Sony about the subject after applying the same methods as updating, factory settings etc. They said that I did whatever it could be done. Paying that much to a TV getting less is annoying. 

Last hope I've checked my router's firewall settings but no result again. Although having no result, I think that this problem occurs because of not reaching Internet cause of blocking by something on router. I still try every settings of router.

We are looking forward a reply from Skype about the subject.

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I am also having similar problems.

I am using a Bravia KDL-40NX720

Have been using skype successfully on the television since I bought it 3 months ago, using the camera attachment. This weekend I am no longer able to connect. Can still sign into skype on my laptop and can still use other internet applications on the television. Just skype that is the problem. I have the latest firmware.


Would be grateful for any assistance with this matter.

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Have also just bought the Sony NX 723 on Friday have exactly the same problems, the message coming up on the TV screen which cannot be read as it is only there for about 1 second is "Skype cannot connect to the internet, please check your internet connections and settings" had to video on my Blackberry to see this message!


Everything on my set works fine including the internet so it has to be a software problem, seems to me Sony know about this problem as these threads go back some time now and have done nothing about it, will be taking my TV back to the shop tomorrow and will get another TV and not Sony, shame as the picture is superb.


Also just to mention if others are not aware you have to use the Sony webcam (CMUBR100) or you will not get onto Skype anyway, THAT WILL BE GOING BACK ALSO!

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Yep. Same problem here. Bought a KDL40EX720 two weeks ago (end Feb 2012). Even bought the expensive Sony webcam. The skype worked for a week and then around 5 March it would no longer allow me to log in.


Issues are identical to what most others have described; it tries to log in for 30 seconds or so, a very brief message appears (and disappears just as quickly before I can read it) and then it returns to the TV programme I was watching. I have no issues with the system restarting like several others have described.


The firmware is up-to-date and I reset the TV to the factory settings but the problem remains. I am using the ethernet cable connection and all other Sony Bravia internet services (videos, facebook, twitter etc) are not affected. Skype works fine on my laptop.


I take comfort knowing that I am not the only one affected by this! Will try with an email to Sony support today as well.



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Hi, I've purchased Sony Bravia EX520 Series, one week back and having same issues described as above. It tries to log in for half a minute or so, a very brief message appears (and disappears just as quickly before I can read it) and then it returns to the TV programme. Internet and other apps are working fine. Skype has worked fine for about 2 weeks or so, that's it. I am having problem signing in to skype now. 


Pl some one suggest the way forward?



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If any of you has anything more from Sony support post it here please.

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I have an 46EX720 and I just sent this to SOny in France:
bonjour, je n arrive pas a skyper (CMU BR100 est bien brancher). l application me demande mon nom, le password, ... essayer de se connecter, mais sans aboutir a rien.
Il y a une connection internet qui fonctionne. Parcontre pr le home network server diagnostics, le resultat est: Freebox Server: Failed.
Comment se connecter au serveur Freebox? et si cela est fait, est ce que skype va fonctionner? Merci de m aider.
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seems everyone has the same issue - i have emailed sony support (thought it was a bit lucky to find someone on the sony live chat on a weekend - then found out he was in canada! he refered me to the uk site - but there was no one actually there!) nyway- i have referred them to this thread and asked them to fix it! lets see who gets back to me first - the phone lot or the email lot... 

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Same issue here:

kdl-46ex725 with wired lan-cable latest Firmware, router ok because Skype on computers already working.

Checked in TV:
DNS, static IP, reset to factory defaults

Online connection is working on TV but no Skype login. This is really annoying because i bought this cam separately to communicate with my family over long distances. Unfortunately the "promise" for skyping which was written onto Sony´s tv-package holds not true. I do really hope there is a patching firmware on the way...

best regards
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Same problem. Bot the don't Skype yesterday for KDL 40EX520. TV can access other internet functions. however cannot log into Skype. Same message as above after trying for 30 seconds. Skype works on computer connected to same network.
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