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Sony BRAVIA not able to Login to Skype "kicks out from SKYPE and reboots TV!"HELP!

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We got this SONY BRAVIA TV, the skype worked well for a while.


TV has been completely reset - Latest Software upgraded - Internet Connection working well (able to navigate via FB and Twitter) -Change Skype Password


Login to Skype....the login seems that will go through, then Skype does not connects and the TV is rebooted... Any explanation here?



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I have the exact same problem.

Is there a fix???
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I also have the same problem. My Sony Bravia began behaving this way a week ago. Where is the fix for this? Has anyone found anything yet?
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My girlfriend also has the same problem, although I managed to log in with my account, but when we tried again with hers, the same problem. Suggestions anyone?!?!



Sorry to hear you are having problems. I've asked Sony for some advice, and hopefully they will come back with an answer.



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Hi. I have a sony Bravia 32cx520 with the same problem. Worked fine till about 3 weeks ago. Now fails to login every time. Tried to sign in manually through the tv and still fails. TV is connected to my router via ethernet cable so plugged that into my laptop and it workes fine. Also works on my pc and mobile ok.

I bought the tv and also the special camera attachment from Sony specifically to use Skype and it will not work. Tried to do a software update and the TV says I have the latest software. The TV connects to the Internet with a problem.   HELP.....

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We just purchased that latest Sony Internet tv   NSX46GT1.  Can log into the Skype site but I think its this site and not the normal Skype site as there are no contacts listed. Anybody got any ideas????  Its a Google internet and FB works etc etc.

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hi Shorty

Have you had any feedback yet from Sony?

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hi guys i just remove the usb of the wireless adapter for the wifi for a while then i put it back on then i try login in the skype it works! you might want to do that also.


Hi All


Sony are keen to investigate this issue, but have had no reports of it via their own customer services.


If you have been experiencing this issue, please can you post a message here with the following information:


- TV Model Name

- TV Software Version


You can find both of these by going to the HOME menu on your TV, and selecting the SETTINGS option, then CONTACT SONY. Your TV model and software version are displayed on screen.


If you can also please provide details of how your TV is connected to the internet (wired, wireless, wirelss via a dongle)


Finally, if you could describe the exact problems you are having, together with any information (e.g. error messages) that appear on screen.


Many thanks...

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