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Somthing that needs to be added to skype:voice activation like all good VOIP

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I do not know about you but have you been playing music or have a lot of background noise while on a skype call on your laptop. Well if you have you probably know you have to turn your music off or find a quite space cause the other user hears your background noise  and drivers then nuts.

This is one example of the problem. Why is there not mic voice activation detections???? As in when I goes above a user set voice activation level such as 40dB (do not know how loud that is but its just a example), that way all the noise under that level would not get transmisted until it goes beyond that point, ie when you talk!

It’s such a simple bit of code to implement and it will mean that people can do tasks on there side without annoying the caller.


If any of you dare say that you can and you click on that silly mic bar and lower it or change the mic boost you are a moron. Sensitivity and volume are too different things and its something that a lot of people get wrong all the time as i go through the forum for a answer. (I do accept that it can solve the problem cause the dB is decreased there for the sensitivity gets decreased but also that mean you cannot here the user!)


SO Skype please implement this feature cause i am close to only using other VOIP service like TeamSpeak cause i can have very loud music/button mashing my keyboard  but  it would not send it down the line unless it goes above a set dB. Which means the receiver only hear music when i talk which may be still annoying but not as much as hearing background noise as you are trying to talk.


So if you want this feature include in the next version please say you agree what i said so Skype can see this is a issue which needs to be fixed.

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I agree with this. One of the reasons I sometimes use team speak for gaming sessions is because they have the voice activated mic feature. For those of us who use earbuds/headphones to reduce echo, a new problem arises. Any background noise is very noticable once headphones are being used and therefore a voice activated mic feature would greatly reduce the amount of background noise heard throughout the duration of the call.


Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had a great microphone that picked up minimal background noise/ambient noise? Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have such great microphones and are left adding unnecessary and distracting noise to the call. I would really love it if Skype added this feature to their client, as it could potentially bring many more users over.

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I agree with those above me

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Amazing idea, had the same thing in my mind. Hopefully the kind Skype developers will consider adding this feature!

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I just hope more people read this message

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+1! :bigsmile:


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i want to send voice message instead of texting


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I believe you can send a video message but I do not know about sending a voice message. 

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Just ring and when they do not pick up you can leave a voice message. A bit weird I know
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