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Sms's are not delivered at all or very very late.

Novel Adventurer

I tried to send a few sms lately. From the Netherkands to China. The sms do not arrive at all or arrive very very(  many hours) later.

Seems very odd? How can we solve this?


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Casual Adventurer
I am having the same problem....seems since the last update, sms messages either take foreverrrrrrrr, or dont send at all.
I amonly sending messages locally.....within Australia.
Novel Tourist

I have the same problem.i try to send SMS for days now!nothing happend.always say: ``try again`.tell me please what can I do???!!thank you

Casual Adventurer

Hello Marina, I became so frustrated that i downloaded and installed "VoipBuster"

This works like a charm for me because I dont rely on skype for chat.....only to send sms messages and to make calls all over the world. VoipBuster does this way cheaper than skype without any of the dramas.

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