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Sms-can people return sms?

Casual Adventurer
Hello, fail to learn why sms cannot be replied to. send out ok but not sms back? cheers
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You can't receive replies directly in Skype, but you can set up your senderID to be your mobile number. So SMS sent from Skype look like been sent from your mobile and if your contact replies you will receive the reply on your mobile. Here are instructions on how to set up the senderID:

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Casual Adventurer

thanks for that, i will put it to the test when i get home. cheers!

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Casual Adventurer

lol, i have mac...and it states to go skype>preferences>messaging then follow the onscreen instructions....alll very good but where is preferences to be found? for the life of me can't see it

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Casual Adventurer

lol lol found preferences, but failing to find messaging.....

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Casual Adventurer

ok managed to find caller ID number is stored and now messages are not being sent ou in the first instance  ...arrggghhh! anyone?

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Casual Adventurer
does one need to wait before settings are approved ? set my caller id as my number but still not working...
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Novel Adventurer

does anyone know how you delete the messages that you can send by SMS on the main skype screen from your computer or laptop.

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Casual Tourist

I am also having trouble with SMS messages. Sending always fails when I want to verify my number so that people can reply to my SMS messages.  They receive them but can't reply. Is there any way to get sending to not fail?  Thank you!

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Your help page on setting your mobile number so it shows on SMS messages sent from Skype says that it doesn't work in Canada and the USA, and that rather a generic number is always displayed, and thus recipients can't reply to an SMS sent from Skype.


Is that correct? (It appears to be, based on my testing.) And if so, WHY???

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