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Skype webcam for lg tv

Novel Tourist

Can someone tell me why you are advertising a webcam specifically for lg televisions when lg don't have Skype up and running on any of their televisions 

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Casual Adventurer

LG (cleverly) tells you that the TV is enabled for Skype but when you run the app, you will be given an error message directing you to buy a webcam (that LG manufactures, I guess!!) which will cost you another $100. I think LG should advertise that the APP is Skype ready IF AND ONE IF you purchase a particular webcam. Since they don't, they are not telling you the truth (in it's entirety).

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Novel Tourist

Does also the LG 42LA640S 3d led TV work only with LG AN-VC400 webcam?

Is it possible to use an analog camera via video input connector ??





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