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Skype webcam for Samsung Smart TV

Novel Tourist


I have Samsung Smart TV, purchased May 2012 ref. UE32ES6710. I want to purchase a webcam to use Skype. I have found 2 models:

- VG STC 2000

- CY STC 1100 (this one is much more expensive)

What is the difference? Are they both Full HD (1080p)? Is one an old model?

Do the both have the same sound quality?

Is the fitting the same? Will they both fit easily on my TV?

Does anyone have a photo of the VGSTC 2000 actually fitted on top of a TV? Is just the silver bit available?

So why the big price difference? Is the CYSTC 1100 much better or have prices just dropped considerably?


Lots of questions so I hope for lots of answers.




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Former Staff

The VG STC 2000 is the correct camera for 2012 models.
More information is here:

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Novel Adventurer

I got this Telefunken smart tv with installed skype but it has no camera, so I'm not sure which one i must buy. Can you please help me?

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