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Skype on Samsung SmartTV

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Having trouble skyping on my new Samsung SmartTV.  I have the correct camera and the updates on the TV are current.  I cannot see who I am skyping and they cannot see me but I can see myself.  I have taken the camera back to the shop and exchanged it and I know it's not the other person's camera.  Can anyone help me with this one ???

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I have a similar problem.  Video calls on my new (UN46D6900) Samsung TV using the  CY-STC1100  webcam have extremely poor video and sometimes poor audio quality as well.  I can make perfect video calls from my laptop to my friend's laptop but if I try using my HDTV the picture and audio call quality is lousy even though the signal strength shows 5 bars (green) and my internet speed is 20+ Mbs!  Note that my friend has the latest version (5.3) of Skype installed.  I have read that the Samsung Skype app will not work with older versions of Skype for Windows (or ANY Macs) but this is not applicable here.  Any suggestions before I return the STC1100 (thank Amazon for their great return policy:smileyhappy

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I had the same problem (posted elsewhere on the community but now I found this thread I'll stick with it). I had this advice from a techy colleague at work.

Hope this is of some help, good luck! Some of this I've already got covered but he was trying cover all the bases I think......

Have you been able to make and receive successful skype video calls to/from other people via the TV – is the problem the same no matter who you call and calls you. Ie is the problem your end

Can you set up skype on another machine (laptop with camera?) in your home and use that to test with? Are you able to make & receive video calls on that successfully (if you can the problem is around the TV, if not chances are its firewall or software version)

Are the TV and the remote person running the same version of skype 

Is the camera compatible with the TV, camera’s are notorious for not working well with TVs, ideally you should have one approved by the manufacturer.

In your BT Home Hub logs, when you place a skype video call can you see alerts/violations in the log i.e. is the firewall blocking your video stream

Is anyone else in your household using skype on different machines at the same time as your trying the TV

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Also, please check at the manufacturers web site, in many cases there can be new firmware that needs to be installed in the TV.


Yes, most people are NOT aware that most of these TV's can be updgraded by downloading firmware by using your PC onto a USB memory stick and then connecting that USB memory stick to the TV and following the instructions for that TV on how to update the firmware in that TV. even TV's can have new versions of Skype and new features added by upgrading them.

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I too have a samsung tv that has the skype app. I couldnt get my webcam towork, and have since read that you need a specific one from skype for the samsung tv.


Ive been on the skype website and there isnt a specific one for the samsung tv. Can anyeone tell me where I can get one from in the UK?


Many thanks in advance



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I have the latest version of the software on UN46D8000 but the picture quality is still poor. It starts great, then it progressively deteriorates, then after a few minutes it again resets itself to full quality and then it repeats itself. I have skype on several computers and iPad at home and it doesn't happen on any other instance talking to this person only on the Samsung TV. It seems to me that either the camera or the TV software is the problem.
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I would contact their support area/forum maybe they have a fix ("new firmware") which could even be in beta, that you can try?

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Trying to find help also however sansung is extremely weak on support. Camera connects works ok
K g
However will not work if connected to home theater speaker system
. Any fix of sol?
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My Skype-enabled Sony TV has both digital (SPDIF & coax) and analog (headphone jack) audio outputs. I have an old home theater system hooked-up to the Sony TV but accepts analog audio input only. I simply utilized the analog headphone jack output as the source for my analog home theater system and works fine. The Sony TV required some settings tweaking, however, so as not to disable the built-in speaker output. That way I have a choice of audio from either the TV's built-in speaker, the home theater speaker system or both.


Bottomline, make sure that on your home theater speaker system, you have an analog-to-analog audio or a digital-to-digital audio set-up. 

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ayudaaaaa:happy:  necesito saber como se hace para descargar skype en mi smartv un32d5500 en app no puedo encontrarlo y no me deja escribir para buscarlo solo deja ver  nuevos , recomendados y  mas recientes pero no aparece !!!!!

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