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Skype on PS3?

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Now Skype is available on PSP and PS Vita. When will we get Skype for the PS3?


The PSEye has a built in microphone, and the PS3 is connected to the internet and to my HDTV. I see no reason why Skype isn't available for the PS3!

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I agree! It would be a great feature for both the PS3 and Skype.

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It seems like skype is available for any device with an online presence. (in development for xbox 360 apparently)..........

With my vita I can now contact my sis on her Iphone or mac, my daughters on their Ipods, my wife on her android phone or laptop, my friends on their ipads or android tablets,even  my nephew on his psp. (pity I cant IM them, but thats another thread!)

Everything, that is, apart from the ps3.:mad:

I'll just keep dusting the pseye then.

Is it in development for the PS3? - Surely it would make sense?

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from following this topic for YEARS, I do not think Sony/PS3 will ever let Skype work on their system.  


If I knew this before getting the PS3, I wouldn't have bought it.  I have stop buy all games and other sony gaming items because of this.  The only time I use my PS3 now is for netflix.  What a waist of money this thing is......  


Like getting those Garbage Pail Kids cards and finding out they are boring. 

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skype was on the psp ages ago. now on vita, and due out on the 360 this year. If it is down to sony,then they might be rethinking the skype/ps3 issue. skype is available on several sony items, and lets face it, if a potato had internet connectivity - skype would be on it. just makes sense for it to be on the ps3.

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SKYPE on PS3 now... all customer claim it!

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I would love to see skype on ps3 as well!


There are over 50 million out there with over 80% connected to the web. It seems like a no brainer to me if you want to expand your user base.

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thank you يجب أن يكون هناك سكايب لل:بلايستيشن 3
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I want skype on my ps3.

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Why can't that be available? 

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