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Skype number redirects to some random persons's phone when skype is closed. Help!

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I've had a skype online number for years now. The same one. I have paid on time/ahead of time. And I always buy year long subscriptions, and have never lapsed.


My subscription is still active and has been since the beginning of this year. Yet this problem just recently started happening.


Lately, People have been telling me that my skype number does not go to voicemail when they call me.


They keep saying "some girl answers and says is the wrong number". Not an automated message, an actual person. Someone elses phone entirely. Whom I've never met. I have No idea who this is.


...I'm not female.


This only happens when skype is closed. When it's open the call goes to me and I can answer/call out as normal.


What the heck is causing this?

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I've been using skype for 6 years with no problem. I like it here.


What's the issue?

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I am having this problem too. Did you get a solution?




Please contact Skype Customer Service directly to enquire if there is an issue with your Skype Number which they can resolve on their side.  Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service

As you know you intend to contact Customer Service, skip past Step 2 of the instruction and proceed to Step 3, Continue Support Request (the "button" appears at the lower right corner of the website page). You may also skip past in Step 4 where you will be referred back here to the Community; no need to do this as the Community is where you started.


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