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Skype manager access to employee activity

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Could somebody let me know if the administrator, or manager of my business account have access to activity of employees or other members of the account. I expect that calls will be logged, but I need to know if the instant messages are also able to be viewed by the manager. Many thanks

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Skype Manager records call activity for Skype to Landline and Skype to mobile calls. It also records purchase activity, subscriptions and online numbers.

Unfortunately it does not record chat messaging, file transfer or Skype to Skype call activity.


This information is all stored locally on the users machine.


There are ways to retrieve and store this information and we would be happy to help you do so.


For more help please contact us on skype id: tetra4comms


Google [tetra4 skype] and contact us through the website


Tetra 4 - Putting Skype to Work.

Tetra4 - Putting Skype to Work.
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