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Skype has stopped working.

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This worked, but why did the it stop working to begin with
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skype cannot resolve this. i think its just a problem thats happens with everyone, & if you use Skype too much , that can also be why it crashed .. all i can say is try uninstalling it then downloading it again

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i uninstalled it and install it back, and is still gave the same problem when i try to make a video call .
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The same has happened to me also. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it multiple times, and it always freezes up and says "Skype has stopped working."

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Works great, thanks.
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well windows 7 updated and after that skype started crashing.  found the latest skype Beta version 5.7 on their website which took care of the problem. Back in businness.

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Windows 7 had a lot of updates just two days ago.  Down load the beta version 5.7. It will fix the problem. Smile life is short.

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agree,Beta 7 is the fix

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Thank you so much. Your link worked for me and fixed the problems!

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I can not open SKYPE on desktop (i/Mac). All of a sudden this app "is not supported??"

The icon in the dock now shows the skype symbol with a circle and a line (like a stop sign symbol), instead of the regular SKYPE icon. I still have lots of credit on this account. Now what?? when trying to re-install it tells me not supported etc. Thanks for any assistance.

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