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Skype for google TV

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When are you planning to write an Android GTV compatible app?  I believe there are plenty of users willing to pay a subscription or app fee for the option, otherwise many will opt for the Logitech and the next available, but we all know it's not as good....yet.

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I agree-

SKYPE needs to produce/release an app for the Logitech Revue.

The unit is great- just needs a SKYPE app to be near perfect.

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I have GTV and this device is powerful and nice. it is a next generation device. However, it lacks good services such as Skype.

i do not think this will be a hard app to write. Apart from a few modifications, the same Skype for Android can work well on this device.


The question is: Will Skype develop this simple app and lets get it from market or they want people to start going to the logitec vid app that comes with the GTV?


Skype, it is up to you now to keep us with you or let us go with logitec vid.

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I have created an online petition so that Google, Skype and Logitec will see the number of people that need Skype for Logitec Revue.


Petition to Skype, Google and Logitec Revue on creating a Skype version for Logitec Revue


The more you sign it, the more these people will start listening and maybe we can use this for a class action.



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I agree Google needs to step it up a knoch and reformating apps for Google TV (Sony not logitech.).

You can buy a webcam for a Sony TV from sonystyle for like $50 but it only works with the Sony skype compatible TV's unless its a USB cam. Please Skype add support for Google TV! or it goes to Google Talk and Voice.

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I have successfully sideloaded Skype for Andriod on my Revue Google TV. It installs fine and loads fine BUT it crashes the moment I try to sign in.


It looks so cool on TV. That's Skype in Full Wide Screen.


Hope some one figures out how to make it work, even if chat only.


FYI: Yahoo Messenger works fine. Each time someone messages you, you get the message on TV while not in the application and watching Cable TV. Very impressive. Only chat works, no Audio/Video.


For Skype, if I were you I'd put Skype on each and every Platform. It's a stiff competition with Viber, Tango and other Apps. Don't miss the chance. Be there, everywhere. PS3 and PS Vita deserve special attention...

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Actually, it would not be silly to configure for multiple TVs. How many manufacturers do you think there are? 1 billion? Furthermore, the configuration is one time in nature. At a minimum, just two of the three players (Logitech, Google, Skype) could agree on a common OS.

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The technical reason Skype doesn't run on GTV is largely because GTV runs Honeycomb-the tablet OS. Skype (AFAIK) doesn't yet run on that version of Android, because it's a stop-gap OS, modified from the original fork of Android to support tablets, only until a common OS for ALL devices is released (Ice Cream Sandwich).


Skype had little motivation to develop for a limited-production OS, on limited devices of which many wouldn't be able to utilize Skype anyway (lack of microphone or video, WiFI only devices that were mobile, etc).


I'm sure, once everyone upgrades to Ice Cream, Skype will be motivated to dev a new version that's at least stable on Ice Cream.


THEN, if Google blocks the install on GTV, you'd still be able to sideload.

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I would love to have Skype onmy Sony blueray google tv. Skype/google please make it happen. You will get alot more customers.
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