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Skype for google TV

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I am also desperately looking forward to being able to use google TV of my Logitech Revenue to get on Skype - hope they come up with it very soon. Already got my webcam of logitech and waiting to speak to my frirends/families out of the country but I don't think I can buy a logitech webcam to everyone outside the country for speaking to me on skype.

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Yes, when? can't wait!!!

Novel Adventurer

 I just bought my goolge TV gadget - logitech Cam.  But when is skype going to develop a software that is compatible with google TV revenue?  It would be so cool to  have such soft ware and looking forward to using skype to call families abroad!  Skype - help develop a software for google TV revenue quickly please!!!!


Novel Tourist

I was just about to buy logitec Revue with Google TV just to use it for Skype!  I figured that would be a basic application with the product.  Guess not!! 


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Is not Skypes fault it's the operating systems.    


The OS manufacturer has to set the standards for all devices.   Microsoft does this for Windows.  Apple for iOS.


Google would set it for Google-TV but they can't for non Google-TV boxes.  Also, they don't really as Logitech has implemented their own unique solution for the Revue equipment running Google-TV.   Sony has to do the same. 


Both the application developer (Skype) and the device manufacturer (Logitech) want to have a single solution for their applications and devices otherwise it could cost far too much.  Just look at how close the equipment is between the Skype and Revue versions of the cam?



It's just silly to have to create software all around it to work on 2 different TV configurations.  And you can be assured there would be other implementations for every unique operating system in Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc  and, until Google standardizes in Google-TV, another in Sony Google-TV solutions and Revue Google-TV solutions. 


Until the television industry isn't fragmented, or all the different OS manufacturers standardize on an API, it's the situation. 

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Your comment doesn't make sense...there are multiple versions of Skype for different Android phones, so obviously Skype is willing to support different hardware configs on the "same" OS...
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I just received the new Google TV update via Logitech. That update date made me very angry. I thought skype or Google talk would be one of the program we can use for video talk. My friends and family does not use vid. Google needs to do something real fast to avoid customer lost. The programs update does not worth fart.  I am really disappointed  that Google will allow this update with no video chat. Google you need to get skype on your program lineup or you will be loosing customer real fast. I will never by another logitech product again until they get skype on Google TV. The programs are not compatible with Google TV and there is only 50 worthless programs. It is sickening.


Hank Butler

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I was told that Skype would be added later when I got my  box only to find out that was not true.  I did play with the vid app with some friends and will share with you the results.  It does work very good  but if you want to talk to someone with a computer, there are something's that have to take place.  First the computer has to be fast enough to handle the speed required for the video.  If not it will not let let go thou.  Next they have to have a camera that is able to do HD 720 or better.  There are other camera's on the market that will work for this.  I did find the revue box only liked their camera.  Their camera can also be used on regular computers also.  I will say it is one of the best camera's I have used so far.  Very sensitive for sound and great wide angle lens.  I talked to someone using a Microsoft HD camera on a 64bit laptop in Australia while I was in Florida using the vid program on the Revue.


Let us all hope with the new release of Honeycomb that someone will come up with a way around the Skype problem.  (Even if you have to use their camera)  In a living room/Tv room situation you need a camera that is wide angle with great audio pick up.  you can also bring in for close up shots from you arm chair with the logitec camera.

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hi when will it be out for google tv i want to download it so we can talk to people firends family let us now

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Clearly if you have a Logitech or Sony googletv device you are not meant to be able to use the Skype Service with it. For whatever the reasons (Political, legal, Economic, corporate greed or a combination of all) Sony and Logitech have chosen to withhold the necessary drivers to be able to run Skype. In any case the wthholding of these drivers are by desigh not by accident.

The way see it the only way to be able to run Skype from your TV
is to buy a Skype Ready tv, which was probably what they are trying to force everyone to do. You can also hook up your computer to you tv as well

If any one is a Lawyer out there it may pay to investigate to see if we have a case for a Class Action Law Suite against both Sony and Logitech on this matter.

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