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Skype does not 'see' my diamond multimedia tv tuner video device (TVW750USB)

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Hi All,


I have a usb tv-tuner stick that has a camera with composite video streaming to it.

I can use this sucessfully with another software package, for security camera capture. It is Blue Iris.

BLue Iris has no trouble being configured to use this camera/usb tuner combination.

I cannot get Skype to see it. When configuring 'Video settings' in Skype, it just gives me the message - Skype couldn't find a webcam.

If I attach a 'regular' usb webcam (such as a Logitech webcam or Microsoft LifeCam) it will recognize either of these.

Skype ver.

What gives??

Anyone have a solution?


Here's a link to the product.

Yes I have the latest (10.4) driver installed.

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A TV tuner/composite input is basically a capture device.  Since it's not a standard webcam it will generally have issues being detected by Skype.  I've personally never been able to use one of my capture devices natively outside capture software/media center.  Your best option is try 3rd party virtual webcam software like manycam ( to interface with your capture device then see if it will function using the manycam drop-down in Skype.  Another option is to downgrade to a version like Skype 6.1 which is prior to major changes in how video is handled in 6.2 and above.  If you are using Windows 8.1,  I don't believe 6.1 will be an option.


Skype Special Version (6.1.999.130):



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Thanks for your helpful post.

I did try the ManyCam s/w but it did not detect my tuner.

I then rolled back to 6.1 (thanks for the link) and was able to get the tuner to finally show up.

However, it would only show the tv input and not allow me to change to one of the other 2 inputs (s-video and composite, which is where the camera feed comes in).

So all I got was the snowy tv input!

Progress, but looks like it's not going to happen with this tuner.

I do have a cheapo usb tuner from ebay on it's way, which I hope will work!

The reason I want to use a an analog cam, is because my camera is 15' from my target. There do not appear to be optical zoom webcams out there. Obviuosly when I digitally zoom in, the quality of the image is not accetable.

Seems that this should be an option for higher end cams, but I couldn't find one.

I did find one on ebay:

which, for $7.00, seemed worth a shot! It'll take a month to get here, but I'm not holding my breath!

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I believe you will get what you pay for when it comes to that product.  There is other 3rd party software that might work better in this scenario.  With my TV tuner I had the same composite/TV channel out issue.  The key is finding software that can help you lock it to composite.  Sometimes you can't because the default mode is TV and the software provided has not customization., I believe Chirs Tweak might work.  You might be able to find a different USB TV tuner with better software.  I remember having a pinnacle capture device that had drivers that allowed me to lock in Composite over TV Tuner.


You might still be able to use other software better designed for video capture devices like Trackercam  You can also try finding software that will turn your TV tuner into an IP cam Abelcam  You can then try something like Manycam to turn the IP cam (now and port number) back into a webcam if no other options exist.

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Thanks again for the information.

I received one of my cheap video input USB sticks (the single input one - still waiting for the quad version).

After messing around I finally tried out the trackercam dvdriver and got it working.

This is awesome - I can now Skype using my analog PTZ camera - so much better than crappy webcams!!

You sir, rock!

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Ok, so, after using Dvdriver, I discovered that my resolution could not go higher than 320x240.

After many, many attempts and detailed descriptions of my toils and tribulations with the software, the developer refused to acknowledge that his product did not work at any other resolution abover 320x240, in Windows 7.

I was only able to get higher resolutions on an old XP machine.

I tried 5 differernt cameras, including, a Sony analog - going into two different USB tuners, a Microsoft Lifecam and a Logitech Quickcam. I tried on 3 different Windows7 systems - 2 home built and one from Dell.


So I thoroughly tested this software in every conceiveble method available!

I could not have done better testing if I had been working at his company!


I think I got 3 emails from him, after I sent him about a dozen, which included screenshots galore, pretty much proving that his software was restricted to 320x240.


In one email, he suggested I buy a K-world tuner. Really? It doesn't work with Microsoft or Logitech so you think it would work with K-World?

I requested a refund, and, not surpisingly, he didn't even have the courteousy to reply, let alone refund.

Looking at the date of the files in the install directory really tells the truth - 2008.


So, I continued ny quest and I am happy to say I have found the solution, and, it's free!

It's called Splitcam and works in every way possible. It's definately a CPU hog, so you'll need a Quad Core to run it and your other apps simultaneously. Works with the ATi 750USB tuner and a cheapo USB capture device called EasyCap (eBay). Running my Skype at 640x480 with an analog camera.

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You seem to be on a similar path to me, but I got my first webcams today!! Can you recommend a software which will let me manage 3 cameras into sizeable frames then send a single composite of the 3 to Skype? (If I could place a logo in the top left it would be a bonus)

I basically want to teach guitar lessons live with 3 cameras down one  Skype connection.

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